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About Us

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NINGBO WEMAGNET COMPANY is a professional manufacturer and sales company of permanent magnetic material. Main
products include: sintered and bonded Nd-Fe-B(Neodymium-Iron-Boron), cast and sintered Alnico(Aluminum-Nickel-
Cobalt),and sintered SmCo(Samarium Cobalt),flexible magnets(Rubber magnets), Ferrite (Ceramic)with magnetic
assemblies and magnetic products etc.
Ningbo Wemagnet Company has two branch factories:
Wemagnet Material Factory and Wemagnet Assemblies Factory. The company has been running since 1998 with full
manufacture expertise. There are about 50 sets of equipment, and 120 employees in the company. After years endeavor
the company can produce magnetic material in full grade and specifications.

Company Addr : No.8 Yicheng Road, Xiaogang Industrial Zone, Ningbo, China
Email: info@wemagnet.com